D2L - Create a Qualtrics Survey Link Widget (UW Flexible Option)

Create a course evaluation link to be shared to all FLEX courses.

Who can do this?

UW Flexible Option administrators are the only individuals tasked with carrying out this process. For continuity of operation, should FLEX staff be unable to setup a link, LMS administrators should carry out these instructions. In the absence of an admin, CETL support staff can carry out these instructions as a matter of last resort. 

About this process

This process will create a Qualtrics survey link that passes data from D2L to the survey. The survey link will be created as a content link in a template or sandbox course.

Before you begin

These instructions rely on the existence of an already-available Qualtrics survey that is configured properly. The survey must be configured to accept query strings using the Embedded Data element in the Survey Flow setup, where each query string is given a short name. D2L will provide a value for each query string automatically.

  • The student's email address will be passed as the "em" query string.
  • The student's course code will be passed as the "cc" query string.
  • The student's course OU number will be passed as the "ou" query string.
Refer to the Qualtrics article: Passing Information via Query Strings for more information on how to setup the Qualtrics survey.

Part 1: Modify the Qualtrics survey link

Create the anonymous Qualtrics link, then append the necessary text to the end of the link: "?em={ExternalEmail}&cc={OrgUnitCode}&ou={OrgUnitId}"

  • Example: https://milwaukee.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0dmGR8nh3fY9Usl?em={ExternalEmail}&cc={OrgUnitCode}&ou={OrgUnitId}

Additional information can be passed to Qualtrics. For more information refer to [Link for document 76058 is unavailable at this time.] .

Refer to the Qualtrics article: Anonymous Link for more information on how to obtain and customize a Qualtrics anonymous survey link.

Part 2: Create the evaluation widget

One widget should be created in a template course. Copy the widget into new or retrofitted courses, taking care to delete old or stale widgets to avoid un-necessary clutter. The "FLEX Course Evaluation Template" course (OU# 709191) has been set aside for development.

  • Refer to Learning Technology Support - Create a Homepage Widget for a deep dive and step-by-step instructions on how to create a widget in a broad sense.
  • Course evaluation widgets are customized to not have title bars (see "Customizing the widget's look and feel").
  • This procedure requires pasting HTML source code into a widget (see "Editing HTML source directly").
  • When creating the widget, a Release Condition will need to be attached to it that determines the release. Release Conditions can be re-used and copied from course to course. Click the Attach Existing button to re-use a condition. Otherwise, follow these instructions to create a new Release Condition based on the appropriate award.
    1. Click the Release Conditions tab.
    2. Click the Create and Attach button.
    3. Change the Condition Type dropdown to Award Earned.
    4. Click the appropriate award.
    5. Click the Create button.
Course evaluation widgets contain customized HTML for the purposes of FLEX. Copy-and-paste the following code and paste it into HTML view while editing a widget. It will create a stylized placeholder where additional information can be entered.

<div style="border: 1px solid #bee5eb; background-color: #d1ecf1; color: #0c5460; padding: .75rem 1.25rem;">
<p style="margin: 4px 0px 0px 0px;">Widget content goes here</p>

After clicking the Save button, replace "Widget content goes here" with any accessory text and the link to the survey created in part 1.

Part 3: Adding the widget to a homepage

Refer to "Adding the widget to a homepage" in the article Learning Technology Support - Create a Homepage Widget for information on how to add this widget to a homepage. 

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