Why am I not receiving my Teams notifications?

This article will explore various reasons why your Teams desktop notifications may not be coming through.
You may encounter a time when you are not receiving your Teams desktop notifications. 
The following are troubleshooting tips for if that happens: 
  • First check your Teams Settings > Notifications. Are notifications turned on for the type of alert that you are missing? If they are not turned on, adjust your settings by clicking the drop down menu and selecting the type of notification you prefer.  
  • If your notifications are turned on, continue to check your settings to verify that if the application is closed you will still receive notifications. Under Settings > General > Application ensure that you have On close, keep the application running selected.  
  • If you have checked your Notification and Application settings and that is not the problem, check to make sure your application is running in the background.  
    • Windows - Locate the System Tray in the bottom tool bar of your desktop. Click the up arrow and confirm the Teams icon is in the tray. If it is not there, your application is not running in the background.  
    • Mac - Locate your Dock on your desktop and confirm that the Teams icon is in the Dock with a dot indicating that it is running. If there is no dot under the Teams icon, or you do not see a Teams icon at all, your Teams app is not running in the background.  
  • If you have checked your Notifications and Application settings, and confirmed Teams is running in the background, it is recommended that you check that Teams is up to date. To Check for updates:  
    • Click on your Person icon in the top right corner of your working screen.   
    • Select Check for updates
    • You will see a brief message under your search bar indicating that Teams will check for updates and install while you continue to work.  
    • If there are no updates you will receive a notification that your application is up to date.  
    • If there are updates, they will install.  
    • Once installation is complete, it is recommended that you restart your computer.  
  • If you have completed all the above steps and are still experiencing issues, please contact the UWM Help Desk online at uwm.edu/help, by phone at 414-229-2020 or Toll Free at 877-381-3459, or in person in Bolton 225 or the Golda Meir Library Learning Commons Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

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