Teams (How To) Place a Call on Hold

This article will provide instructions on how to place a phone call on hold in Microsoft Teams.


The Hold feature within Teams pauses your current phone call for all participants on that call. Teams will notify all parties that the call has been put on hold, and for that duration no one will be able to hear one another. For more information on Teams hold, please see Microsoft's Put a call on hold in Teams article. 

To place a call on hold

  1. When you are on a call, locate the toolbar at the top of your Teams working screen. 
  2. Click the More options button.
  3. Click the Hold button.

  4. This will place the call on hold. 
  5. Once the call is on hold, this will notify all parties of the call's hold status. 
  6. To start the call again, click the Resume button in the toolbar.

  7. This will continue the call as before.

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