BP Logix (Information) - OAR (Outside Activities Reporting) FAQ

This article will answer general questions about Outside Activities Reporting for the Streamline (BPLogix/eWorkflow) application.

How do I go back into the disclosure and change something after I already submit it? 

To change something after you have already submit your disclosure for review, reach out to your reviewers and ask them to Return the form. This will return the form to you for update and reroute for review. If your form has already been submitted, please reach out to oar-support@uwm.edu to assist in creating a new submission.

I lost the email; how do I get another link to complete the disclosure? 

If you are unable to locate the original email, you will receive weekly reminders that include the link. You may want to check your Junk or Clutter. If you still do not appear to be receiving emails, please contact the Department of Human Resources at oar-support@uwm.edu.

How can I obtain a copy of my disclosure for my records? 

After your disclosure has been completed and reviewed by all required reviewers, you will be sent an email with the details of your completed disclosure.

How do I know what I am required to report? 

Read the information provided in the Outside Activities Reporting Toolkit. The link is also provided in the OAR disclosure summary, and in the “Activities Disclosure” section.

What does Remunerative mean?

A remunerative relationship is any relationship that results in payments, transfer of goods or provision of services to the reporting staff member. 

What if my appointment details are incorrect?

If you believe your appointment details are incorrect, please contact the Department of Human Resources at oar-support@uwm.edu.

What if my reporter identification information is incorrect? 

If you believe your reporter identification is incorrect, please contact the Department of Human Resources at oar-support@uwm.edu

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