pantherLIST Review Process – FAQ’s

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the pantherLIST review process.

Because of its open, self-service character, UWM’s pantherLIST group email list service is susceptible to misuse.  Accordingly, going forward, UWM’s Deans and Division Heads (or their designees as described below) are required to conduct a bi-annual review of pantherLIST use in their respective schools/colleges/divisions.

Review Deadline

  • Spring 2024: Thursday, April 25, 2024

When must the review be conducted?

  • The bi-annual review process is run every April and October.

How will review be done?

  • To facilitate this required bi-annual review, University IT Services (UITS) has created a dedicated site that provides school/college/division-specific pantherLIST Email distribution list ownership details:   
    • Please note: the pantherLIST data on this review site is NOT real-time (that is, it is not continuously updated).  The data is only updated immediately prior to the launch of a given review period. 
  • In the dedicated site, pantherLIST Ownership Reports are organized by school/college/division.  
  • Reviewers can use the site to:
    • filter by employee
    • export reports into Excel format
    • mail reports directly from within the list to the list owner
  • For any questions, please contact

By whom? How do I designate a pantherLIST reviewer?

A UWM Dean or Division Head may designate any staff-person or staff-persons in their respective units to serve as reviewers of pantherLIST Ownership Reports.  

  • A staff-person in a school/college/division who has been designated to serve as a reviewer has access to the pantherLIST Ownership Reports related to their school/college/division. Example: If you are in Finance and Administrative Affairs, you will already have access to the Finance and Administrative Affairs division.
  • If the reviewer can’t access the report for their division, contact

What should reviewers be looking for during the review?

  • Reviewers should focus on the names of Group email lists as indicators of potential fraud, obsolescence, or duplication.
  • Group email lists that could indicate possible fraud or misuse of UWM resources, include:
    • Group email lists not clearly used for university business:
      • The name of the group email list is not consistent with the list owner’s responsibilities (e.g., a faculty member with a list whose name implies a connection to admissions or financial areas).
      • A group email list that is not connected to employee/department/division business operations or academic programs.
    • Group email lists with unusual names or names not associated with university business.
  • Reviewers should also seek to identify:
    • Unnecessary or outdated group email lists – list names could indicate obsolete purposes (e.g., review2016)
    • Duplicate or overlapping group email lists (e.g., GEA-All and GEAAll)

Action required by a reviewer if an issue is discovered DURING the review

The Dean, Division Head, or Designee should work with the owner of the group email list to better understand the use and, if appropriate:

  • Modify the group email list.
  • Remove the group email lists that is no longer needed.  

If the Dean, Division Head, or Designee suspects that the group email list could indicate fraud or other misconduct, even if not definitively proven, that concern should be reported for further review:

Action required AFTER review is completed

Designated pantherLIST reviewers should simply contact their respective Division or College heads by email to confirm that their pantherLIST review processes have been successfully completed.

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