Office 365 (SharePoint) - SharePoint Limits & Managing Large Lists and Libraries

SharePoint has resource throttles and limits that govern the amount of data and throughput that can be managed. This article will describe the limits to SharePoint and methods of managing large lists and libraries.

SharePoint Limits

  • Items and files - A list can have up to 30 million items and a library can have up to 30 million files and folders. Views can have up to 12 lookup columns. To learn more about other restrictions for viewing large lists, see Manage large lists and libraries in Office 365. A file's entire path, including its name, must be fewer than 400 characters.
  • Subsites - Up to 2,000 per site collection.
  • File size - Less than 15 GB per file. Files attached to list items can be up to 250 MB in size.
  • Sync - For optimum performance, Microsoft recommends storing no more than 100,000 files in a single OneDrive or team site library.
  • Versions - 5,000 major versions and 511 minor versions.
  • SharePoint groups - A user can belong to 5,000 groups, and each group can have up to 5,000 users. You can have up to 10,000 groups per site collection.
  • Users - 2 million per site collection.

Managing Large Lists and Libraries in SharePoint

There are many ways you can work with or query a SharePoint list or library without receiving a List View Threshold warning. Using the following ideas, you can get the information you need and stay within the 5000 item List View Threshold. SharePoint has resource throttles and limits that govern the amount of data and throughput that can be managed. The List View Threshold is by default, approximately 5000 items, and is set to allow users to work with large lists, but keep good performance. There are three main ways to work with the List View Threshold:

  • For all versions of SharePoint, manage the number of items returned using indexing, filtering, folders, and offline data.
  • For server versions of SharePoint use an administrator scheduled Daily Time Window whee limits are raised.
  • For Server versions of SharePoint, a network administrator can raise the limit of the List View Threshold.

For further information on these items, and more, please see this Microsoft Support article regarding large list and library management in SharePoint.

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