Microsoft (Teams Calling) - Phone number/Change Request Process

Cloud Services has provided the following documentation on how to request a new Teams number, or a Teams number change.

Individual employees will have their existing Centrex phone numbers ported to Microsoft Teams and assigned to them during implementation. In addition, existing shared numbers will be ported, and access granted to that area in Teams. No trading or shuffling of numbers will be permitted.

  • Numbers previously assigned to an individual stay with that individual. If the individual does not want the number, it will be disconnected.
  • Numbers previously assigned to an area stay with that area. If the area does not immediately want the number, we can port and hold the number. 
  • Areas within a department/school/etc. cannot trade numbers. e.g., Advising cannot trade with a center or other area.
  • Numbers are issued to faculty and staff in accordance with Microsoft licensing agreements. Where there is a demonstrated business need, numbers may be issued to individuals outside that scope (e.g. emeritus, annuitant).
  • New setups get new numbers selected randomly from our pool of numbers.
  • Centrex numbers with no information of who or how it was used should be investigated to determine who and how it was being used. 
  • Numbers  investigated and identified as not being in use will be disconnected and cannot be recovered.

Following the completion of a phone number assignment, individuals or areas may request a new phone number based upon business needs. Criteria for issuing a new number include but are not limited to the following.

  • Area code is incorrect for physical location of an individual or area.
  • Number was previously used by an individual or area and was incorrectly assigned. 
  • Security, legal or other safety concerns. e.g., harassment, etc.
  • Area has a business need for special number extension e.g., 5000, 5050, 4545.

All changes should be requested through the UWM Help Desk. Please provide information on the change being requested and details of the business need for the change.

Terms and Conditions 

For Teams Phone Number Change Requests

  • The UWM Cloud Services and Applications team should respond within 5 university business days to acknowledge a change request via email.

  • The UWM Cloud Services and Applications team should complete the change within 10 university business days from the time the change request was acknowledged to complete approved changes.

  • Exceptions to the above should be communicated to the requestor as soon as possible.

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