M365 Outlook (Information) Clutter Retirement & Transition to Focused Inbox

This article provides information about Microsoft’s retirement of the Clutter feature in Outlook, and the transition to Focused Inbox.

Clutter Retirement

Microsoft has retired Clutter feature in Outlook as of December 9, 2022.
Users who used the Clutter feature can now use Focused Inbox as a new solution for their automatic email sorting and prioritization needs. 
Users who previously used the Clutter feature in Outlook will now see those emails in their Inbox. For more information on Focused Inbox, please review Microsoft’s documentation here

Turning Focused Inbox On and Off

For more information on using Focused Inbox, please review the following instructions from Microsoft:
Focused Inbox for Outlook - This article provides detailed instructions for turning on Focused Inbox using the following:
Turn off Focused Inbox - This article provides detailed instructions for turning off Focused Inbox using the following:


Can I keep using Clutter instead of Focused Inbox?
Clutter was turned off for UWM Microsoft 365 users on December 9, 2022. Users who wish to replace their use of Clutter with Focused Inbox should transition to Focused Inbox. Any messages that are already in your Clutter folder will remain there until you decide to delete or move them.
How does Focused Inbox work with Clutter?
Focused Inbox is Microsoft's new email sorting feature and replaces Clutter. Users who wish to continue automatic email sorting should turn on Focused Inbox. After switching, you’ll no longer receive less-important email in the Clutter folder. Instead, email will be split between the Focused and Other tabs in your inbox.
If I turned off Clutter, will I still be able to try Focused Inbox?
Yes. You will be able to turn on Focused Inbox at any time as described in the instructions above.
Does Focused Inbox organize all the mail in my inbox as soon as I turn it on?
Yes. As soon as you enable Focused Inbox, you’ll see the Focused and Other tabs at the top of your Inbox. The more you use Focused Inbox, the smarter it gets about how it organizes your messages. You can also teach Outlook what matters most to you by moving emails between Focused and Other, and setting overrides to make sure emails from certain senders always show up in a particular destination.
I’m using Focused Inbox already on Outlook for iOS or Android. Does anything change for me?
Nothing will change in Outlook for iOS or Android. As our Outlook desktop and web apps are updated to include Focused Inbox, the content of your Focused and Other tabs will be the same across all your Outlook users.
Focused Inbox is turned on, but after selecting Move to Focused, Always move to Focused, Move to Other, or Always move to Other on a message, the messages are not moved.
If you're using a shared mailbox, Focused Inbox will not work. This is by design.

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