How To Enable Screen Sharing for Macs

Use these steps to connect to Macs using Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop can be installed for Mac OSX through the App Store. Remote Desktop must be turned on and configured to be available. Your department may have its own policy regarding access to Remote Desktop. If you are not sure whether Remote Desktop is configured on your computer, contact your IT support department.

To Enable Screen Sharing from a UWM Managed Macintosh computer:

  1. Locate the “Enable Remote Access” policy within the Self-Service application and click “Enable Access” to run it. This will allow the currently logged in user remote access to the device using the Screen Sharing Application from another Macintosh device. If you do not see this option in Self Service, please contact the UWM Help Desk.

Self Service - Enable Remote AccessSpotlight - Self Service

  1. After enabling remote access, collect the Hostname and IP address from the computer. To do this, open Terminal (⌘+SPACE BAR and type “terminal”, then hit the RETURN key). With Terminal open, enter the command “hostname” and press RETURN. This will give you the name of the computer. Next, enter the command “host” followed by the name of the computer from the previous command and press RETURN.

Spotlight - TerminalTerminal - Find Your Hostname

Write down the Hostname (e.g. and IP address (e.g. You can use either of them to connect to the computer.

Connecting to a UWM Macintosh Computer with Screen Sharing Activated

  1. If off campus, connect to the UWM network by using the Global Protect VPN. If using a managed UWM laptop, Global Protect will already be installed. If using a personal device, download and install the client by navigating to . If the device is University owned and Global Protect is not already installed, it may be installed via the Self-Service application.

Spotlight - Open the Global Protect appConect to Global Protect

  1. Open the Screen Sharing application (⌘+SPACE BAR and type “screen sharing”, then hit the RETURN key), and enter either the IP address or Hostname of the device you wish to connect to when prompted.

Spotlight - Open the Screen Sharing appConnect To - HostnameConnect to - IP Address

  1. Once the Screen-Sharing Application has successfully connected to the remote computer you will be prompted to enter your ePanther ID twice. Once to initiate the connection, and a second time once the connection has been established to log into the device. 

    Screen Sharing Login Window

Important Notes: It is not possible at the present time to remotely connect to a Macintosh device from a Windows device in a safe and secure manner using software standard across UWM managed devices. In order to remotely access and share the screen of a Macintosh device from a remote computer that computer must also be a Macintosh device.

It is possible to connect to a Windows device, and access it remotely from a Macintosh computer using Microsoft Remote Desktop. See information here.

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