ePortfolio - Preparing the Portfolio

Preparing the portfolio is comprised of a few steps. As the simplest level it is just navigating through your portfolio and adding each of those artifacts you uploaded to D2L. At a slightly more complex level it is editing each of the text fields in the portfolio to remove extraneous content and directions that are written by the teacher to you, the student.

Basic Information:  This document outlines the basics of ePortfolio creation. This document is part of a series on ePortfolio creation.


The portfolio is a showpiece, a capstone assignment, and you should invest the time into making it look as clean and professional as you can.
  1. Finding and opening the correct portfolio - You need to be able to find and open the template you downloaded and imported earlier, OR if you are creating your portfolio from scratch, you need to be able to either create the portfolio or locate one that you already created.
  2. Placing an uploaded artifact - Before beginning, it is strongly recommended that you upload all of your artifacts. Being able to do all of these at the same time is easier and faster than placing each artifact after it is uploaded.
  3. Editing text areas - As you finish placing the artifacts in each section you should browse through each of the text areas to see whether there is any text you need to include or remove. By saving this step until last, it will be easy to see at a quick glance which sections you have completed with your portfolio and which still require work.

Finding and opening your portfolio

Finding and opening the portfolio is an easy process that often gets over-complicated. Hopefully by this point you are already practiced in being able to navigate to the course ePortfolio area and then to the My Items section. If you've gotten to this point and are not yet familiar with the My Items section of your ePortfolio, then you should go back and read or reread the earlier sections of this, and practice quickly locating the My Items section of your portfolio.

1. In your D2L course, click the ePortfolio tab, and then select My Items. If you do not see an ePortfolio tab for your course, then notify your instructor. 

  my items

2. Click the drop down menu (the grey triangle) to the right of the template name, and from the drop down menu, choose Edit.
  • Note: If you click the portfolio name instead of the Edit button, the portfolio will open up in a view mode where you will be unable to edit anything.


3. When you first open the editing window you will be in the Properties section of your portfolio. You can change the name of your portfolio by editing the "Name" field and then clicking the blue Save button at the bottom of the page. To see more available options for the portfolio, click on the grey triangle next to the portfolio's name.   


4. The other section to make note of now is the Content/Layout tab.  You'll be seeing a lot of it throughout this phase of the portfolio, so the better you get at opening your portfolio and getting to the Content/Layout tab now, the easier time you'll have finishing your portfolio later.

content layout tab 1

Placing an uploaded artifact

By this point you should have uploaded all (or at least some) of your artifacts, and you should be comfortable at quickly finding your portfolio and opening it. If you haven't uploaded any artifacts yet, or if you're still struggling to open your portfolio, then take a moment to review the prior sections before continuing.

 What this section will cover is the process of going to the Content/Layout section of your portfolio in order to add those artifacts. 

1. Open your portfolio and go to the Content/Layout tab.

content layout tab

2. First note the arrangement of the Content/Layout tab. The left-hand column shows the portfolio sections. The current selected section will be bolded while the other portfolio sections will appear as links. For example, the current selected section on the picture below is "Standard 1: Liber..." and the rest of the sections are blue hyperlinks. 

To the right of the section column is the Content Area 1. The content area that you see is the content area for the selected section. The image below shows the content area for the "Standard 1" section of that portfolio.  Anything added to that content area will show up under the "Standard 1" section.


3. To add an uploaded artifact to your portfolio, find the appropriate section, and then click the Add Component button in the bottom-right of the content area.
4. You will be prompted for the type of artifact you are adding.  You should always pick Artifact (the first option) from the menu.

 content type

5. All of your uploaded artifacts will be listed here.  If you know the name of your artifact, you can use the search bar to more quickly find it.  Click the check box beside the artifact you want to upload, and then click the Add button in the bottom left.

add content

6. The artifact you added will now show up at the bottom of the Content Area.  You can re-position your artifacts using the green up and down arrows, or remove the artifact using the red "X".

bottom of content area

Editing a text area

You will occasionally need to edit a text area that already exists, or make corrections to something you wrote in the past.  Doing so is easy, using the drop-down menus.

CAUTION: It is recommended you write any text in an editing program first (e.g., MS Word, Google Documents) and then copy/paste it into the text area.  The text areas within the ePortfolio can be volatile, and if the D2L service crashes while you are writing in a text area, then changes could be lost. 

1. First locate the section with a text area you want to edit.  These are typically identifiable by the words Text set (## characters).
text edit
2. Click the grey triangle drop-down menu next to the section name and choose Edit from the list.
choose edit
3. Here you can write, edit, or delete text.  The Edit Text window can be resized by clicking and dragging the bottom-right corner.  When you are finished, click Save and Close.
edit text resize

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