ePortfolio - Work Done Prior to the Portfolio

There are steps that need to be completed prior to working with the ePortfolio.

Basic Information:

This document outlinesthe basics of ePortfolio creation. This document is part of a series onePortfolio creation. Please see the "next"  or "previous" section at the bottom of this document for further instructions on ePortfolio management.


Before you can do anything with the portfolio there are twothings that need to happen:  
  • you will need to generate the content that will form the body of your portfolio
  • you will need to locate your coursetemplate (if this is a requirement of your program) and import that into your D2L space.
Information about course templates and the template library:
  • Faculty will have instructions about what artifacts youwill need to complete for your portfolio, or you can visit the preview in thetemplate library to view what is required. All work should be done and saved in a word processing program so thatin the event of a catastrophic failure and loss of your portfolio (hey, it has happened), you at least still have all of your content and proof of your work.
  • The template library was created to be a standardrepository of all program portfolio templates. From within the library you can download any template as a ZIP file,preview a template to see what it looks like, or when available view acompleted example of a portfolio. 
Before going further, you should follow the link above to thetemplate library, locate your program portfolio, and take a look at a preview.  Click through each of thestandards and sections on the left-hand side, note the instructions for each, and what each requires.

Importing your template
If you are following along and working through this, thenyou will have already located your template, and all that you need to do isdownload the zip-file and import it in D2L.

1. Go to the template library and find your template, basedon your program.  Click the name of thefile to download the zip-file to your computer. 

 Template Library

2. This next step is very important.  Do notunzip or extract the zipped file. 
Depending on your operating system and browser combination,your computer might automatically unzip the file when you download it. 
If it does, you will need to zip the fileagain before proceeding to the next step. 
If you are unsure how to do that, then searchfor instructions online based on your operating system.

3. Go into your class ePortfolio area on D2L, and click My Items. 

My Items

4. Click the MoreActions drop-down menu and select Goto Import/Export page.

  More Actions

5. Click the Importbutton.


6. Click Choose Fileand select the zip-file you downloaded earlier, and then click the blue Next button.

 Choose File

7. The package will take a little while to prepare.  Once it has finished, click the blue Import button.

 Choose File

8. You should receive a message that the import is inprogress.  Wait a few minutes beforechecking on the template in your My Items. For now, click Done.


9.  After waiting abit, you can check to see that the import succeeded by clicking ePortfolio at the top again and thenselecting My Items to see thecontents of your ePortfolio space.

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