Microsoft MFA (Information) Number Matching for Older App Versions

This article provides information about the required security update to the Microsoft Authenticator App, and how this will run on older versions of the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Microsoft Authenticator App has been updated to include number matching and location mapping for Push Notification authentication methods.

Versions of Microsoft Authenticator App that are older than Android 6.2110.6659 and iOS 6.5.83 will have a different method of authentication for the Push Notification option.

Users who are running the older version of the app will not see the location mapping information. Instead, users are presented with a number in the sign in prompt of the UWM service in which the user is attempting to log in.

Upon opening the push notification on the Android/iOS device, the user will be asked to select the number that matches the number from the sign in prompt from a list. Once the user matches the correct number, they will gain access to the UWM service.

The following image is an example of number matching on older versions of the Microsoft Authenticator App:

For information on authenticating with newer versions of the Microsoft Authenticator App, please review Microsoft MFA (How To) Number Matching and Location Mapping.

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