Canvas - Replace or Update Files

You can use the Canvas file replace feature to update files in the Canvas Files area. The advantage of replacing an existing file is that Canvas preserves any links to the file you replace. In other words, you can replace last semester's syllabus with this semester's syllabus in your course Files area, and all the links to your syllabus in your Canvas class will go to your updated syllabus.
Do the following to update files in your Canvas course without breaking links: 
  1. Go to your Canvas course Files area, and download a file to your computer.
  2. Make updates to the file you downloaded, and save the file, making sure the name of the file you updated is the same as the file you downloaded.
  3. Upload the updated file to the Files area in your Canvas course. When you upload a file with an identical name to the file in the Files area, the Copy popup appears.
  4. Click the Replace button. Canvas updates your file in the Files area and everywhere it is linked in your class. 

    Copy Popup

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