Microsoft (How To) - Running Microsoft Edge in IE Mode

Microsoft retired Internet Explorer (IE) for Windows 10 on June 15, 2022. Internet Explorer Mode (IE Mode) in Microsoft Edge is a function available to those using websites still requiring Internet Explorer. When a website loads in Internet Explorer mode, the IE logo indicator displays on the left side of the navigation bar. You can click the IE logo to display additional information.

Internet Explorer Mode has been enabled on UWM-managed Windows devices. To open a website in Internet Explorer Mode in Microsoft Edge, perform one of the following actions:

  • Open the site you wish to view in Edge, then click the Settings and more (ellipses …) button in the upper right corner and select, Reload in Internet Explorer mode.
  • Right-click on the tab for the website you want to view in Internet Explorer Mode and select, Reload tab in Internet Explorer mode.
  • Right-click on a link on a website in Microsoft Edge and select, Open link in new Internet Explorer mode tab.

Websites opened in Internet Explorer Mode may present an option to enable them to automatically open in Internet Explorer Mode next time. Selecting this option sets Microsoft Edge to open that website in Internet Explorer Mode for the next 30 days.

If you encounter a website that needs to be used in Internet Explorer Mode for longer than 30 days, contact the UWM Help Desk to submit your request.

You will be able to view and manage your Internet Explorer-enabled  sites by visiting edge://settings/defaultBrowser.

Since there are UWM webpages and applications which require IE mode, UWM IT professionals have created rules to automatically load these sites in Internet Explorer Mode. This configuration is only set on UWM-managed Windows devices using Microsoft Edge with your UWM Microsoft 365 account. UWM IT can add and remove websites from this list, as needed.

To ensure the automatic Internet Explorer Mode configuration will work on your UWM computer, always log into Microsoft Edge using your UWM credentials.  


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