Canvas for Instructors - How do I give my TA the ability to enter grades?

The article outlines the process of adding a TA to a Canvas course, specifying roles to enable grading functionalities. By following Canvas instructions and using the TA's email, one can set the TA as a TA Grader, associating them with the relevant section, and restricting their interaction to their section if necessary. Additionally, it provides guidance on revoking a TA Grader's access to a section.


People can have more than one role at a time in a Canvas course. Adding your TA to your course as either a TA Grader or Grader will enable the ability to enter grades and use the SpeedGrader.

With your TA's email address, follow Canvas instructions to add the TA to your course: "How do I add users to a course?".

  1. For "role", select TA Grader.
  2. Select the section the TA is associated with if there is more than one section in your course.
  3. If your TA should only have grading responsibility for one section, check "Can interact with users in their section only".

An illustration of the Add People modal. Fields labeled in the image match the bullets in the previous list.

Remove a TA Grader's rights to a section

See "Remove User" in "How do I remove an enrollment from a course".

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