Canvas - External Tools - Request for a Tool to be Added to My Course

This article provides guidance on requesting external tools for integration with Canvas courses. The UWM Canvas Tools link lists available tools, including those automatically accessible and those needing specific actions. If a desired tool isn't listed, it must go through UWM IT Procurement and UW System Administration's review process. Approved tools will be implemented by Canvas Administrators at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Steps for requesting an approved tool within your course are outlined, including navigation through the UWM Canvas Tools page and submission of tool requests.

What tools can be requested?

The UWM Canvas Tools website lists all tools which can be integrated with your course. The website also lists tools which are automatically available, and tools which require school/college or departmental action before use. See the complete list by clicking UWM Canvas Tools in your course. Click the Instructors tab if you have more than one visible. Then, click "Request an External Tool".

What if the tool I want isn't listed?

All tools (even those which incur no cost to UWM or the UW System) must be reviewed through the UWM IT Procurement process. If an External Tool is new to the UW System, it will be vetted by UW System Administration and UWM for functionality, accessibility, information security and legal concerns. Tools which are approved for use in the Digital Learning Environment by UW System will undergo a shorter vetting process by UWM offices only.

Once the process is complete, Canvas Administrators in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will work with the requesting instructor, department or school/college to implement the tool.

Follow the instructions under "Making a Project Purchase" on the IT Procurement website to begin. Start the process as early as possible as it can take from several weeks to several months to complete the process.

Steps to request an approved tool from your course

  1. From your Canvas dashboard, click the course needing the tool.
  2. Click the UWM Canvas Tools link in your course navigation (a.k.a. tabs)

  3. (Optional) If you have more than one tab on the UWM Canvas Tools page, click "Instructors".

  4. Click "Request an External Tool".

  5. Select the tool you wish to request under the "Opt-In Tools" or "By Special Request Only" heading. Note that some tools may only be available to for-credit courses, courses in a specific department, or non-credit courses.

  6. Review the information for support and other guidance, then click the "Request This Tool" button. After a short delay, the page will change.
    Note that some tools require additional information to be provided for the tool to be enabled for your course. Complete any additional fields shown.

  7. You will see a message indicating your tool has been requested. You'll receive an email from CETL within 1 business day (or the following day if the request is made after business hours) notifying you that the tool is enabled.

For further assistance

  • Contact CETL to get further assistance with your tool request.
  • For assistance with your external tool, contact your products technical support team.

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