Canvas Administration – What happens to a Canvas course when it is edited in the Schedule of Classes?

This article is intended for Schedule of Classes developers and lists how Schedule of Classes changes affect Canvas. For each change, a process to resolve the solution is provided.

A course is assigned a Teaching Assistant (TA) with no other instructor

In Canvas

A section’s Teaching Assistant will be enrolled into the course section as a TA. They will be unable to make the course available to students and will be unable to assign grades.


For multipart courses, add the lead instructor as any instructor role other than TA in the Schedule of Classes. They will be added to the Canvas course as a Teacher.

For other courses, if possible, assign the Teaching Assistant as a "Primary Instructor”.

If the configuration of the section(s) in the Schedule of Classes does not allow for either of these changes, email to notify Canvas Admins of the issue. Note that a Teaching Assistant will need to be added to the specific section as a Teacher.

A section is re-created. Students and instructors are moved to a new section

In Canvas

All enrollments for the original section’s course site will be removed, and all enrollments will be moved to a new course site. From the perspective of the instructor and the students, Canvas has “deleted” all their course information.


In circumstances where section re-creation can’t be avoided, report the change to Note that the section was re-created. Provide the 5-digit class number for the old and new course sections.

A section is re-created, and an instructor is left assigned to the old section

In Canvas

An Instructor will see a course website for both the old and the new section. Instructors will see multiple (incomplete) copies of a course.


When re-creating a section, remove the instructor from the previous section. There is no need to report the change in this scenario.

More than one section is crosslisted after Canvas courses are provisioned

In Canvas

The crosslisting forces the creation of a new course site, where the students and instructors of all sections are enrolled. If this happens after the course is opened to student work, student information for at least one section involved may become lost—perhaps irreparably.


Correct the crosslisting but preserve the original course enrollments. Report the change to to coordinate deletion of the original sections.

The incorrect instructor has been assigned to a course In Canvas

The incorrect instructor will have access to the incorrect Canvas course, which will potentially give the instructor access to medium and high-risk data as defined by UW System policy.


As soon as possible, correct the error in the Schedule of Classes. Follow school/college or department Information Security reporting practices, and email to report the potential information security breach.

Sections have been incorrectly crosslisted In Canvas

Students and instructors from different sections will potentially have access to assignments and will see the enrollments of other sections. Instructors will potentially have access to medium and high-risk data as defined by UW System policy.


As soon as possible, correct the error in the Schedule of Classes but leave the existing misconfigured course in place. Report the issue to maximize the chance of student data retention. Then, follow school/college/department information security reporting practices.

For further assistance

For questions about how Canvas reacts to SoC changes, email

For questions about processes and technical issues with the Schedule of Classes, contact your Schedule of Classes Coordinator.

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